International Women's Day 2018

What a hot topic! It's taken me a while to decide on the angle of this blog post - what to talk about, who to include etc. With the on-going media coverage on subjects like the MeToo campaign and pay equality, there's so much to talk about and focus on this International Women's Day 2018.

Now for those of you who don't know me, I am a big believer in gender equality and supporting woman in business, especially working mothers and the stigma of pregnancy in the workplace. The theme of IWD 2018 is #pressforprogress - with gender equality at the heart of the campaign. Find out more here. 

Anyway, back to today and this post... I've decided to take the opportunity to celebrate the women in my life. They inspire, encourage, support and drive me.

Family - Mum, My sister, My Aunts, Second Family, In-laws. Everyone single one of these ladies have influenced me in one way or another.

Friends - The girls. My therapists, holder of all the secrets. They've stuck with me throug…

Move over Valentine's Day....


For those of you who are thinking "What....?" let me fill you in with the 411. February 13th is now known as Galentine's day - a concept born from the AMAZING Parks and Recreations (watch the clip here)

To quote Leslie Knope Galentine's Day is "ladies celebrating ladies" and it's "only the best day of the year". And you know what... I agree!

I became aware of this concept last year and loved it... I spent 2017 with my best bud having dinner and drinks, a lovely chilled evening. And this year I've sent my Galentine's Day card to my gal pals. More and more companies are jumping on the trend and I've already seen so many posts from retailers such as Lush, Benefit, New Look and Miss Selfridge... Well done to their marketing teams for picking up on one of the hottest trends for February 2018. It's no lie that Valentine's Day has become more and more commercialised in recent years and the cost is just r…

Placement Year Students

It's getting to that time of year where students will be looking for a placement year as part of their degree. The pressure will be on, with the continual questions from everyone of "How's the job hunt going?" and "Have you got any interviews yet?". I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. As if your second year at uni isn't hard enough without finding the time to do all of this too!

The message here is twofold.
To all students reading this: carry on with your search!! Don't give up looking... it's the best thing I ever did! My search carried on and I didn't secure a placement until the June to start in the July!! It's so worth it though and you can do it! Just set aside an hour or so each day to send those applications. And be open-minded about what you are applying for, you never know where it might lead!
Then we come to employers - hello! Now some of you won't have entertained the thought of employing an intern/placement stud…

Post vs Email: Who wins?

It's no surprise that digital marketing continues to develop each and every day. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest social consumer trends. One day we were all hanging out on MySpace with our emo photos and crazy profile pages... The next day everyone is suddenly on Facebook. 2007 was a social media rollercoaster! And over the past 11 years (ELEVEN YEARS!) this growth and overnight change has continued. Instagram, Snapchat and all sorts are now leading the way in social media. Email marketing continues to expand too, with more and more emails being sent each day from companies. However, with GDPR coming into effect in May, what's the future like for email marketing?

Let's take a moment to remember this guy.

If you don't know who he is, please just stop reading this blog and Google. Jess is one of my favourite cats... but I digress.

Mail. Post. Letters. I LOVE ALL OF THESE. Now I am in my mid to late 20s and to me, receiving post is actually a novelty/exci…

New Year, New Me...

2018 is here! HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did everyone celebrate? I always get a bit bleugh about New Year, I feel like there is this huge social pressure to have a good time and party, but why?! I opted for a cosy night in and it was divine. A lovely M&S meal for two, in the warm and wearing my comfy PJs. Lush.

Anyway, it's now time for the classic 'New Year, New Me' posts. So here is mine, I am joining in again (and I LOVE IT).

This year I am grabbing January and making the most of it. Not going to lie, the January blues really get to me. All the excitement and merriment is over, lights are down and it's all very grey. (Although I do have two birthday celebrations to attend...) The other day I saw a post by the charity Mind and it has inspired me. This January is all about my health. Fresh new year, fresh start. Therefore every day in January - rain, shine or snow - I am going to go out on a run or walk after work and use the time to reflect on each day. Not only is this g…

2017 Marketing Review

So I am calling Christmas... We've watched Die Hard, which definitely is a Christmas film. 100%. No argument. John McClane is at it again and boy oh boy what a guy.

What better time to take a look back at the year? Let's look back at the advert and marketing campaigns... The good, the bad and the ugly. 
Number one spot in my mind 100% goes to Bodyform - Blood Normal. BRAVO. If you've not seen it, check it out here. For the first time ever, they've made periods normal... & it's amazing!
Other highlights include...
This Girl Can - Yet again this campaign has kicked up a storm.

Three - Who doesn't love a Sloth-Mermaid?

Sainsbury's launched their Food Dancing campaign, I LOVE to dance in the kitchen whilst cooking. 
Anddddd, my least favourite campaign hands down is this one. WHAT IS THIS?!

Anyway, there's so many I could go on and on and on and on..... definitely want to hear what your campaign of the year is? Share in the comments!

Christmas is coming...

It's been a while... again! Life had got in the way and a lot has happened since my last post. I am another year older, and maybe slightly wiser; new pad for the Chick-King family which is lush and then the nightmare of Christmas seems to have taken over! Absolutely convinced that Christmas is getting earlier and earlier each year, or maybe it's just me getting older? Really need to get my act together with the Christmas shopping though...

On that note, here we are in the middle of November and by now all major supermarkets, retailers and online services have put the fear of Christmas into us all by releasing their festive adverts. Personally, this is one of the highlights in the run up to Christmas, so I've put together my top reviews of some of my favourite ads so far...

Number one spot definitely goes to Marks and Spencer's - I LOVE Paddington, so hands down this is a winner! If you've not seen it and not already in love with this bear, then definitely watch this …