The Power of PR...

Within the media and marketing world, PR can be a powerhouse for getting your brand seen (preferably for the right reasons!). Whilst the ROI can be a challenge to show to the finance team, the brand exposure is worth it's weight in gold.

Recently I've worked on one piece of press which has snowballed, leading to additional radio, TV and press interviews and exposure. It's amazing what one good story can lead to!

Getting PR right has such a significant impact on the success of the piece. By picking up on 'hot' industry topics, offering opinion and advice you've got the perfect recipe. Plus, by getting your release into reputable industry press the exposure for your brand is great! 

How do you find PR? Do you work with an agency? Share your top tips and let me know!

Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the opinions of my employers.

Five things you might not know about me...

A few days ago I got tagged by The Beauty Type in a 5 things post, so here goes with mine. Depending on how well we know each other & how long you've followed my blogs some of these may or may not be news to you! Come on then, let's get to know me...

1. Volunteering in my spare time...
I run a Girl Guides group in a local village which I love doing. It's a lot of hard work and responsibility but very rewarding. It's great to see the girls develop new skills, learn new things and have a great time away from social media etc. We do lots of exciting trips, activities, weekends away and much more. They even teach me a thing or two - definitely learnt all about slime, squidgees and flossing from them!
2. I have a cat called Monty...
So if we are connected on any form of social media this one isn't a surprise... but just look at him! Those eyes! He lives with my mum and dad because he needs to be outside. Also, my sister will hate me for saying he's mine... but hey h…

Beat the January Blues....

Christmas and New Years seem like a distant memory. We're all back at work and back into the daily routines. With the colder weather on it's way, coupled with dark mornings and nights, it's safe to say the January blues are here. With all the excitement of Christmas over, lots of people experience the ol' January blues and I am definitely one of them!

To help combat the blues, here's what I am doing this year to keep upbeat:

- Exercise & fitness: check out the RED campaign being run by mind charity. I’ve been to the gym, for walks and running. Aiming to get my fitness levels back up!
- Downtime - phone down: Phones are the best and also the worst. I’ve started to put my phone down and I’m reading instead. Good for the soul! 
- Holiday planning: Always fun in January to have something for to look forward to and plan for!
- Hydrate: Drinking lots of water is working well for me to keep my hydration levels up!
Plus I’m doing dry January!

In preparing to write this blog I…

Hello 2019

Welcome to 2019. Hello, hello. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! Not sure about you but I am so ready for whatever 2019 has to offer.

Today I have been busy planning content for the Social Matters & Natters blog. Plus I am hoping that this year I might get my website up and running again. Exciting times ahead, maybe. 

Hopefully the blog will continue to explore different areas of marketing, hot topics and trends, with a few life updates thrown in for good measure. 

Here's to 2019. A great year for us all. Thank you for continuing to read Social Matters & Natters!  x

Disclaimer: This blog does not reflect the thoughts and opinions of my employer.

Bye bye 2018

So 2018 is coming to a close and what a year it has been! Definitely had some highs and lows this year, and I am feeling very determined to achieve a lot in 2019.
2018 has seen several holidays being enjoyed, organising a hen do, three weddings, weekends with family and friends… Oh and we bought a house! What a year. On reflection I’ve crammed a lot in!

Now it’s time to look forward to 2019, which will be here before we know it. Each year I like to set myself a few goals to achieve, rather than setting New Years Resolutions. Alongside these I want to tick a few more things off my 30 before 30 list (time is running out!)
2019 Goals, hopes & dreams:

Get fit – 2019 is definitely a fitness year, lose a bit of weight, run more and feel good about myselfGet saving – Having bought a house in 2018 it’s time to get saving againTime to myself – Weekends are usually packed full of things whether it’s seeing friends or going here there and everywhere. Next year I need to take more time out fo…

Christmas Adverts 2018

If you've been following my blog for over 12 months you will know I love to do a little review of Christmas adverts each year. December is here, the ads are out. So here we go for 2018....

John Lewis
Let's start with the biggie. Not going to lie, I was a little underwhelmed this year... For me, it's not the Coca-Cola lorry that starts off Christmas, its the much-awaited John Lewis advert! Don't get me wrong, the message is sweet and Elton John is amazing, but bring back Monty and Mable!

Kevin the Carrot is back! I like that they've returned with Kevin, building on the story and appealing to the whole family. Plus with references to other retailer ads along the way!

Now, either the marcomms team are super duper clever, or this was pure fluke... The 'banned' ad telling the story of an Orangutan has received more views and publicity than any other Christmas advert. Well played Iceland, well played. An emotional, current and powerful message we all need …

Investing in yourself

So I have got my degree and established my career, but there is always time to keep on investing in yourself more and more.

This is all part of my 30 before 30 list, so it's pretty open to interpretation, but I have a small list of what I want to do and achieve, and how to do this. This is my focus for next year:

Additional qualifications, training and skill building - at the moment I'm not too sure what this will be, but I am definitely going to get something organised for 2019. I absolutely love learning and expanding my knowledge. Time to myself & time with my family, friends and partner - We spend more time at work than we do with those we love, so I am going to make more time to see everyone.Looking after my mental health - Technology plays a big part in this, spending time away from my laptop and phone to enjoy other things in life. Also not comparing myself to others. In a digital age it can be tricky!Doing more of what I enjoy - I love to read, blog and research thin…