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Photos galore!

I am back from my fabulous holiday in Croatia and I am ready to take on the world! A holiday was exactly what I needed and now I am feeling fresh!

How crazy is it that October is going to be with us next week?! I have now been working for 5 months and the time has absolutely flown by, I never believed people when they said it will go by in the blink of an eye but it really does! I am so lucky that I absolutely love my job!

So October is a very busy one for me and I think the month will be over before I know it - going to make the most of it though! I am trying to think of a few blog topics to get stuck into so that i have material for October, otherwise it will be silence from me!

Now back to the holiday... my question is whether anyone uses Flickr or any other photo sharing site and if so, which would you recommend? Or would you advise against them? I took hundreds of photos and am not sure what to do with them (I've already bombarded my Facebook friends with all the snaps!) 

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True Beauty

This blog post is a little out the ordinary but stay with me! Having studied for 4 years at uni and worked for just over a year I would say that my understanding of marketing is still continuing to develop. However, there is one key element which has stuck with me throughout theory and practice - and that is sexiness sells.

We've all seen it... Flawless women, Men who look like they belong on muscle beach...

And I get it, having studied marketing/advertising I get that everyone wants to aspire to be like these beautiful, photoshopped men and women... I know I do!

But... and it's a big butt (puny)...
I hate the impact this is having on people (especially girls) so my blog this week is to beg you to believe in real beauty....

The Dove "Real Beauty" campaign has to be one of the best advertising campaigns I have seen, these women are 100% real with no photoshop and they are stunning!

Even if this only impacts one persons life then that's an achievement to me! Everyone sho…

Introducing Emma...


So it has been a crazy few weeks, lots has happened! I have now been a graduate for 3 months, can you believe it?! It seems so strange not to be going back to uni this year - my little sister went back to London yesterday, made me slightly sad that it's all over for me!

But.... I passed my probation period at work so I am one extremely happy Chick! Cups of tea all round!

Right so this blog post doesn't exactly have a clear theme but bear with me...! 

My lovely friend Emma is currently looking for work experience in Northampton within a marketing related role, as she is keen to kick start her career! If you would like to give her an opportunity, a few days or a week, then please (flutters eyelashes) get in contact! You can check out her LinkedIn here and Twitter here. I am so grateful to those who gave me a chance, so I beg someone to do the same for someone else :D

I will be back with a better blog post soon! Lots on!

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