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Keeping up with it all...

So as I am typing this my laptop sounds like it's about to give up on life and head to the moon... Think it might be time for a new one, sob. (Recommendations welcome but I am on a budget!)

This week seems to have been a busy one but it's flown by! I've started properly running in preparation for Race for Life in June, which I'm fairly surprise at because I am enjoying it! It's a great way to sweat away the day and collect your thoughts... Minus the twisted ankle I am now nursing with a bag of frozen peas! Ouch!

So marketing wise, today I am talking qualifications. My career and learning is very important to me, and I want to further my knowledge through additional qualifications, be that in 6 months time or a few years down the line. But there seem to be so many to choose from it's hard to know which is the "best" one to go with. Bearing in mind the cost, time, etc. that goes into all of these.

The options so far that I have looked into/heard about incl…

The Chick needs you...

And we are back... this time for a proper blog post and I need your advice/help.

The more I use social media, the more I fall in love with it, and the more it baffles me how people act etc. But my love for it stays strong, especially being able to interact/communicate with friends, colleagues, etc instantly and across the globe. Perfect.
I follow a lot of B2B companies on Twitter (Note Twitter is my main social media platform focus here!) and also work in a B2B environment... and social media is primarily between marketing departments rather than reaching out to decision makers etc. or its just indiviuals like myself who've taken an interest in the company.

So my question to you is - what interests you when interacting with companies on social media? Being able to ask questions? Images? Info on products etc? I know what interest me but I feel like this is pretty different to everyone else!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, pet hates - send them all!

Lets get social! Get twe…

Happy Easter!

Here's a quick blog post to say Happy Easter to you all, hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend we've got and is consuming their body weight in chocolate!

This weekend has thrown me off slightly, I've completely lost track of what day it actually is and seem to have turned nocturnal all of a sudden (hoping this is sorted before going back to work!!) Anyone else having a similar issue?!

I've had an action packed weekend, full of family time and catching up on all the little jobs that I've been putting off for ages - I have nearly mastered accountancy!

Just a short post today... I need to get back on it soon!