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Social turns antisocial

Recently I have seen a few scary posts on social media. Things like "We used to say BRB, but now we are always connected". Seriously made me think. This has changed even in my lifetime. Yes, we are all connected, but at the same time how antisocial have we all become?!

Majority of us sit behind a keyboard all day at work, the come home and sit on our phones, tablets and laptops. Social media has led to society being the exact opposite of the word social. There's less and less face to face interaction, and even phone calls! Recently I've been calling some of my friends to catch up with them and have a proper conversation! There is only so much someone can say over snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. It's really sad.

We need to be more proactive before social media becomes all-consuming. Take days off, enjoy time with our family and friends. Let's be honest, social media is full of absolute rubbish these days anyway (ding ding, future blog to follow!)

What do you thin…

Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?

Important news is that I finally have a new laptop and my goodness it is dreamy. Thank you to Dell for being a dreamboat and manufacturing laptops that actually work! And I have been on my holibobs with the little Chick which was great (see previous blog).

It's genuinely scary that October is here already. Where has this year gone?! October is a busy month for me, with a house move, birthday celebrations and all sorts going on. All exciting stuff. I've just got back from camping at Warwick Castle with my Girl Guides group - wet weather is less than ideal I can tell you that much!

October also marks the starts my "CHICK GETS FIT" lifestyle (birthday calories do not count - right!?) and we will find out if we have got into the London Marathon - so exciting/nervous. I mean, if we do get accepted I will actually cry. 26 miles of hell!

Right so I have lots of blog topics floating around everywhere and I really need to actually sit down and write them up - just a matter of fi…