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Right so Easter Bank Holiday weekend has been and gone... and what a weekend it's been. Wonderful, truly wonderful.

Friday was spent in the Cotswolds - visiting several places, lovely walks, shops, lunch and time spent with my parents. Perfect. The weather was lush, the villages are beautiful (even if it does look like a setting for Midsommer Murders). If you've never been here before, you really need to take a drive on a sunny day. Saturday evening I joined all the lovelies I met whilst on my placement year and celebrated a 30th Birthday... dressed as Wonder Woman! Cringe. Photos are on Insta. Sunday was a classic family day, big get together and roast dinner. Perfect.

Along with Easter we get the Spring time, a time of changes and new beginnings. This has really got me thinking this year about all the new beginnings I have had over the past 2 years since finishing uni. It makes me grateful for all that I have, and realise all the positives in my life at the moment.

So this Spri…

Travel Review: Amsterdam

First things first, I'm writing this with a mud face mask one - SEXY.

If you've read any previous blogs or you follow me on Insta/Twittter you'll know that my New Year resolutions included travelling and saying "Yes" to more things. Well, in the last couple of weeks I have definitely started to tick both of these off the list. 

The Circus of Horrors came to the Derngate in Northampton, and I said yes to going along (I wasn't entirely sure what I had said yes to...) Turns out it was actually a really good, albeit slightly odd night out! If you get the chance to go see this show, and maybe Google it beforehand... Then I would definitely recommend it!

Then.. I jetted off on a 40 min flight to Amsterdam! This was my fourth visit to my favourite city (so far), and before anyone gets in a flap, I'm not a "smoker". This was my first trip where people actually judged me fore not smoking (thanks guys). Anyway, despite that it was a great trip.

The Highlights…

International Women's Day

Tuesday 8th March is International Women's Day.  

International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. (see the official website here) Time to celebrate women all over the world - as Queen B herself would say: Who run the world? Girls.

I would class myself as a feminist. My views are strong when it comes to equality between men and women. In recent years I have felt more empowered as a woman, I know how to hold my own and be strong on many different levels. Every day women across the globe are subject to inequality based purely on their gender and nothing else. It's time for this to stop, we're in the 21st Century! We are just as capable to do (almost) all the same things as a man is!

These are just my opinions though, so don't go reading too much into it all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right?

Every day girls and women are exposed to what they should look like, how they should act, and the media plays a hug…