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Tiny screen, trying to type...

You'll have to bear with me at the moment, my awful laptop has finally gone back to the shop and I am having to write things on my phone - surprisingly difficult! So I am waiting patiently for the laptop I want to come back into stock...! Anyway, hello, welcome, welcome. Lots has happened since the last blogs, too much for me to bore you with!

I have actually got a load of blog topics that are half in the can, which I've been scribbling down in the back of my diary or on scraps of paper. So watch this space. Mostly marketing and social stuff - exciting! There's lots to discuss isn't there!

Side note..... how fast has the summer gone?! Obviously the sun himself has taken a little vacation and is avoiding Britain! Joy. It's almost time for the kids to go back to school and everyone's commute to double. So glad I've got my holidays to look forward to in a few weeks, really should get that sorted! Girls holiday with my sister, cannot wait!

So check back soon, lots…