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Take a picture for me...

I recently carried out a mini experiment for my personal intrigue on LinkedIn. I regularly post updates to my connections, however these are usually text only. So I gave posting a picture with a short caption a go...

The picture was this:

With the caption: Cracking bit of marketing here by cafĂ© Nero! Best thing I've seen on facebook for a while!
Low and behold... 25 likes just like that! The power of an image! So from now on I am planning on posting a lot more images to get my message out there to my connections!
On other social media platforms I have seen a similar trend, with pictures gaining more interaction with followers. And I admit I am the same, I see a picture and I'm like "ooo, what's that?!"
I would like to hear what everyone else thinks about the use of pictures on social media? Do you see more interaction from these compared to text?
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Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.

Is social dying?

The more I think about this, the more my head hurts...! This is purely from my own opinion, so don't take it as gospel...

We live in a digital age, there is no denying that. But as more and more social sites pop up I am starting to think will social die as quickly as it was born?

I am in the generation that has experienced social bursting onto the scene, social stalking taking place, and the "selfie" entering the English dictionary. Big changes, all of which I love and am very passionate about. However, I've started talking to different people about this, reading different articles, scanning the web - and I am starting to think that it could all just stop.

Different social media sites seem to pop up all the time and be the "in" thing for everyone to be on and socialise with friends. In recent years we've gone from MySpace to Facebook, to Twitter, to snapchat, to goodness knows what else! Even I am starting to feel old...and I am only in my early 20s! I can…

What makes good customer service?

Recently I experience two really bad examples of customer service. I'm not going to name and shame, I think I made myself perfectly clear at the time! Example one: Don't leave me waiting for a starter for 30 mins then another 40mins for my main course... then offer me nothing, not even an apology! Example two: Don't talk to my Dad and ignore me when I am buy a new car... No, my dad is not paying, I am. NOT COOL GUYS.

This got me thinking what makes for good customer service?

To me, customer service is all about putting the customer first and going that extra mile... sounds all so clique but it's true! I know that a lot of young people get a bad reputation when it comes to providing good customer services, I've been in their shoes. However, I think most young people understand the value of customer service and expect to be treated well, therefore are willing to go the extra mile to provide the service they would expect.

I would love to hear any experiences anyone has h…

TFM&A in the Big City...

So this week has been a busy busy busy one, I now know how a bee feels...

On Thursday I headed to the Big City for TFM&A at Kensington Olympia. Having not been to this event for a couple of years I wasn't too sure what to expect. It was a great day though!
The seminars had changed this year to be ticketed, resulting on these "selling out" very quickly so I missed a couple of the ones I wanted to see - not ideal...
I did however go to a brilliant seminar on the latest tools from Google, hosted by Guy Thornton from Found. This gave a great insight into Google tools, especially AdWords and Remarketing. Mooching around all the exhibitors was also good to see all the agencies etc. 
Other than that this week seems to have flown by, can't believe its Sunday already! Here's to next week being a productive one as well...!
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Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.