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It's been a long time

Oh dear, oh dear - it's been too long! Please accept my apology! Its been a busy time, everything keeps getting in the way of me sitting down and writing. But I am here now! Horray! The summer is here, more time in the evenings and all sorts. Smashing.

So what's been going on? What's the 411? Well... not a lot! I've been so so busy catching up with people and running my socks off, but still nothing much has happened! A little weekend away to Bournemouth, that was awesome. I'm turning into a proper adult now and have set up my house fund... Yikes. Time to start getting it all together and thinking about the future! But hey, I'm still young so watch this space.

Right so marketing wise what can I say... Have you seen the background to Google Analytics and Adwords? They're like a maze! Lots to do, so much opportunity! Any top tips welcome!!

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