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Feeling Festive?

With so much doom and gloom recently the media seems to be more Eyore than ever before! But never fear, the C word is (nearly) here!
Over the past week or so most of the major retailers have provided us with the excitement of their festive ads! Ho ho ho (where's the prosecco?!) So on a happy not let's take a look at them shall we...
First up, John Lewis. The anticipation was intense. How were they going to top last year? Well here we have the answer... Meet Buster the Boxer - watch the ad here. Now, hear me out here - but I now think that the John Lewis advert has more impact than the Coca-Cola ad?! When the email dropped into my inbox announcing John Lewis had released their ad I was on to the link straight away, cranking the volume and waiting for the Christmas feels to hit. And boy did they deliver. On a related side note... If you aren't sick of the election etc. take a look at the parody ad here.
Keeping on the department store/clothing theme, naturally we need…