Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?

Important news is that I finally have a new laptop and my goodness it is dreamy. Thank you to Dell for being a dreamboat and manufacturing laptops that actually work! And I have been on my holibobs with the little Chick which was great (see previous blog).

It's genuinely scary that October is here already. Where has this year gone?! October is a busy month for me, with a house move, birthday celebrations and all sorts going on. All exciting stuff. I've just got back from camping at Warwick Castle with my Girl Guides group - wet weather is less than ideal I can tell you that much!

October also marks the starts my "CHICK GETS FIT" lifestyle (birthday calories do not count - right!?) and we will find out if we have got into the London Marathon - so exciting/nervous. I mean, if we do get accepted I will actually cry. 26 miles of hell!

Right so I have lots of blog topics floating around everywhere and I really need to actually sit down and write them up - just a matter of finding time! I have notes written down on scraps of paper and a little notebook, but now I have the snazzy laptop things can finally get written up! Watch this space for more...

Ciao x

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