Interacting with customers at a weekend... yes or no?

So this week my topic to look into is about interacting with customers via digital communications at the weekends... Do we love it or hate it? (Think Marmite)

Personally I like it when a company is still interacting with me over the weekend. I work Monday to Friday till half 5, by which time a lot of retail places are shut and if I want to get hold of them I have to wait till the weekend, so for them to be interacting via social media and email is brilliant!

But what about B2B? Do you think that weekend interactions work well in a B2B environment? Or is everyone off shopping for their Christmas presents? (Oh snap, yes I did just mention the dreaded C word...) It would be great to get some thoughts on this! Do you work in B2B? Do you check your emails over the weekend? I am not convinced it would work but let me know!

And what about social media? Interaction over the weekend would expect an instant answer, correct? I use social media platforms to approach companies if I have a question over the weekend, however I am slightly more tolerant to getting a slower reply than I would expect on a week day - are you the same?

Lets get social! Get tweeting or LinkedIn

Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.


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