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Hello and welcome to my new blog!

To all of you who already know me you might want to skip the next paragraph... To all the new readers Welcome!

I am a marketing graduate and have just started my first marketing role since finishing uni in May at Sheffield Hallam. My previous blog was about my life as a marketing student, you can read it here, (go on be nosey) however now that I am starting off my life in the "real world" I have decided to start a new blog! I hope you will enjoy reading it, and I will (try) to post regular content!

So there is no better way to start this off than with Marketing Week Live! Check out the website here. Having never been to this event before it was a brilliant experience, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to go!

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to talk to both CIM and IDM, as coming straight from uni I wasn't aware of all the additional qualifications I am now able to do. Great stuff. Definitely time to get back into studying over the next year I think! (Is it sad that I miss it?!... Don't answer that!)

So my highlights were definitely the talks I attended (sadly I couldn't get to them all...) First up was a talk on Digital Marketing in the 'Pay to Play era' by Allister Frost, a course director at the CIM. A great insight into social media and digital marketing.

Next was a talk about the Future of Digital Marketing, by Erik Rodin of Hyper Island and Jourik of AKQA. 

Then my personal highlight was a talk by Steve Kemish of the IDM/Cyance on email marketing. This was something I am particularly interested in and the presentation gave me detail on everything I needed to know! Plus Steve was pretty witty! :)

Then we get to the INCREDIBLE element of the day... I get to try out Google Glass! Here's a goofy pic of me...

It was a really strange experience, and I would recommend trying it out if you get the chance!

Anyway, all in all it was a lovely day and I would highly recommend it!

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  1. Sounds like a great event! make sure you add me to your dist list for your email marketing as I'll be interested to see your content ;o)


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