So today is Safer Internet Day 2015, completely appropriate for a blog post!

Luckily I am at the age where I am pretty savvy when it comes to staying safe online... but there are so many kids and even my peers who are targeted online and are sadly victims. Don't get my wrong, I know when I was younger I was on MSN and MySpace to friends of friends...but I knew not to give out any personal information etc. and my parents taught me to keep safe.

The thing that annoys me the most is that social media sites barely react to complaints... For example, I have recently been followed by a lot of "adult content" twitter profiles (no idea why) and in order to delete theses, especially on my phone, I have to go onto the profiles to access the "block" button...

... Now, whilst that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, image a child having to do that. It's so wrong and I think twitter needs to re-evaluate how to block someone when using their mobile app.

So kids, adults, grandparents, whoever you may be - please please please stay safe online and pass the message on!

Here's a cat (he's being safe whilst online... obviously!)


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