The tone of social media

Working in a B2B environment has opened my eyes to a whole new world (no, no, not Aladdin) when it comes to social media.

Previously I have used social media for personal use - Facebook has always been just for my friends, Twitter for everyone, blogging, LinkedIn, Instagram... etc. etc.
I communicate on these platforms on a daily basis, writing my thoughts and opinions, posting picture of cats (classic) and much more. All of this is communicated in a colloquial manner, I joke around and say it how it is...

However when it comes to posting on behalf of a business it's very different. I realise you might be thinking that this is obvious... but recently I have seen a few companies carrying out bad practice on social media - portraying that they are just using it as a method to chat with friends etc. Not cool guys!

Whilst I completely understand and agree that social for business needs to be kept professional, it is also a great opportunity to show the "human" side of a company and to interact with customers.

Lets get social! Get tweeting or LinkedIn

Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.


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