Time for a cuppa and a catch up...

It's been a while... long, too long. It's time for a catch up, so grab a cuppa and some dunkers and let's go.

So I cannot believe it but it will be a year since I started my job next week - time flies when you are having fun! It's strange that whilst I was at uni everyone would always tell me to make the most of it because time goes so quickly when you finish, well they were right! It doesn't seem like 5 mins since I was sat taking my finals. I mean it's nearly June, but that's cool, it was just Christmas yesterday...

Deep breathing!

But it's all good, we are 12 months on and everything has finally come together. Cracking job, fabulous friends, new car, sights set on a house - Happy days! Plus I am finding more time to blog now, so that's another bonus!

Anyway, quick catch up on the last few months...

Centre Parcs with the uni lovelies

Shard with the Marketing Girls

Bruges with the fam

Race for Life is happening next weekend (Send help/blister plasters) - www.justgiving.com/sweetHARTINGs

I'll be back.

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