Christmas is coming...

It's time to get the blog back up and running, so naturally let's talk about the Christmas campaigns for 2015!

My personal favourite is the comeback of Mog in the Sainsburys advert, I love cats so this is a clear winner!

Then we come to the much awaited John Lewis advert... Man on the Moon alongside Age UK. Whilst this is a great emotive advert, once which definitely caught my heartstrings it also poses another question... We all send gifts to each other at Christmas, but when it comes to "No one should be alone at Christmas" surely our time is the best gift available? Maybe spending some time with those in need and who are alone is a better gift than a pair of socks?

Of course the release of the Man on the Moon led to Aldi quickly jumping on the bandwagon... which I personally think is BRILLIANT! How they've got away with it I do not know, but here it is... what a cracker!

So I want to know what your favourites are? And which ones are rubbish this year? Let me know!

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