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Quick catch up from me... September has been a busy one so far with lots going on! Being a busy bee is always good though, as well as maintaining my "social butterfly" status. WOO. Lots of trips out with the uni girlies which is my all time favourite thing to do.

This blog is looking into the changes in marketing over the recent years, including the demands from customers... read on, read on people. Top tip... if you find my blogs boring, don't read 'em! This is my place to voice my own opinions, thoughts and musings.

So, marketing has definitely changed over the last few years, it's moved from planning and implementing, to real-time. Digitalisation is by far the largest contributor to this, with social media and website development.

Maybe more prevalent in B2C environments, this is also evident in B2B (my primary knowledge). When it comes to a promotional campaigns, Marketers now need to plan for the unexpected. We have to be on our toes and be ready to continually adapt, no matter how much we want a campaign to go one way and have the goals we are looking for, it's not always as simple as that.

Consumers have access to a whole world of instant feedback, voicing their opinions and expecting instant replies. Social media is becoming a 24/7 job, with instantaneous feedback and answers being expected by a high proportion of consumers. And I am definitely one of them. Yes, I know what happens behind the scenes and I should definitely be cutting companies some slack, but I've grown up with the answer to most things at the tip of my fingers. (Still not convinced the answer to life is 42 though...?)

All of these changes mean that we need to be prepared. Sure, we still need to plan, prepare, implement... but we also need to be aware that consumers change their minds, feelings and develop new trends overnight. How can we plan for an uncertain future? Can we?

Everything needs to be adaptable, ready to change at the drop of a hat if a new trend pops up overnight. The customer research needs to be paramount of how best to communicate, and getting continuous feedback - both positive and negative - is going to be key to identify what consumers are thinking and how they are acting. Buying behaviours are developing alongside technology - just look at the Amazon Flash, reordering with the click of one button.

So this was just a basic overview of how I see things going for us all, how we need to be aware of changes and we cannot get stuck in the "but this works" mind set. Musings. Let's all get creative, get sassy8 with our marketing, be ahead of the game and be the change.

*yes, I did just say sassy marketing.

Got your opinion on the matter? Comments below, let's get chatting!

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