30 before 30...

100% stolen this from my friend Ross... but I am sure he won't mind! So he hit 25 and made a 30 before 30 list, which I think is awesome. What a great idea, perfect motivation!

This week I celebrated my quarter century so naturally, I am now copying him! I was in two minds about sharing all 30 things, but hey, it's happening...

If anyone wants to join me in making one of these things happen, let me know! Get social and hit me up! (Don't judge them though, they all have some form of meaning to me!)

In no particular order...

1. Girls holiday with my uni girls

2. Vegas Baby!
3. Spend New Year in another country
4. Visit Barbados
5. Get another piercing
6. Learn how to Pole Dance
7. Go to a festival
8. Run a marathon
9. Buy a house
10. Invest in myself
11. Adopt a cat
12. Buy a homeless person a meal
13. Go wine tasting in a vineyard
14. Drive around a city in a limo
15. Weekend in Edinburgh
16. Go to a yoga class
17. Cross the glass in Tower Bridge
18. Write a book
19. Pull an all nighter and watch the sun come up
20. See 3 live artists
21. Private
22. Try a national dish
23. Spend all weekend in pyjamas, watching movies and eating junk food
24. Watch a classic horror film
25. Do Karaoke
26. Find the perfect sunrise
27. Go to the Sky Garden and drink cocktails
28. Private
29. Rewatch every episode of Friends
30. Make Sushi

And there we have it! The clock has started ticking on this one!

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