Is Facebook dying?

So I am in my mid 20s and have grown up with profile has been with me since 2007 so happy 10th birthday to my Facebook profile. Woo. Despite my best efforts to stick to MySpace, it wasn't to be and my emo phase had to come to an end. Sob.

Now in the past 10 years I have deactivated my account several times - either for a social media detox or because I've been tired of people being so obsessed with my business (e.g break up, NONE of your business person who I haven't spoken to in 3 years ok love?)

Anyway, there is no denying it that over those 10 years Facebook has changed. Social media has evolved and the number of platforms has increased, Instagram and all sorts have burst onto the market place. Hello vain selfies and cat pictures. But back to the point... I don't know about you, but my Facebook wall is now just covered in memes, videos and pure rubbish. The only thing I now post is pictures from my holidays, nights out and the odd cat picture - let's be honest Monty is the cutest cat ever! Every single morning I check Facebook, but all I do is look at the "On this day" section to see what MORTIFYING status update I posted in 2008. Examples include "I <3 the boyf 4eva" and "Exams are going to kill me" - well look here Miss 2008, they didn't!

Think about it, when was the last time you actually posted something meaningful on Facebook? Personally, I use the messenger feature for group chats, events for little gatherings and looking back at what my youthful self thought was cooool. That's it. I get "targeted" ads, lose term, Clearblue can you purrrrrlease stop stalking me around the internet, you're going to cause panic with the other half, ta.

In my opinion, Facebook has lost it's way in a sea of social media. We now have so much choice, depending on what we want to communicate, yet we are all keeping our Facebook profiles just in case... Why? Who knows? Maybe to see what happens, maybe to just remember when everyone's birthdays are?!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know! Open forum to discuss...

FYI - I do actually like Facebook, I just think we are going to see a decline in the usage over the next 5 years or so. So Mr Zuckerberg if you are reading, please don't close down my profile!!

Ciao x

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