Move over Valentine's Day....


For those of you who are thinking "What....?" let me fill you in with the 411. February 13th is now known as Galentine's day - a concept born from the AMAZING Parks and Recreations (watch the clip here)

To quote Leslie Knope Galentine's Day is "ladies celebrating ladies" and it's "only the best day of the year". And you know what... I agree!

I became aware of this concept last year and loved it... I spent 2017 with my best bud having dinner and drinks, a lovely chilled evening. And this year I've sent my Galentine's Day card to my gal pals. More and more companies are jumping on the trend and I've already seen so many posts from retailers such as Lush, Benefit, New Look and Miss Selfridge... Well done to their marketing teams for picking up on one of the hottest trends for February 2018. It's no lie that Valentine's Day has become more and more commercialised in recent years and the cost is just ridiculous. One restaurant in my town is charging £85 for a meal for two.. thanks mate. This year, let's celebrate galpals instead. 

So ladies... this Galentine's Day be sure to tell a lady in your life that you appreciate them, love them and are so happy to have them in your life. And Gents... Don't forget Valentine's Day is on the 14th *cough cough*


Disclaimer: This blog does not reflect the thoughts and opinions of my employer. 


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