Building Relationships in a Digital Era

So if you hadn't realised everything is digital and we are living in a digital era... If this comes as a surprise to you, you must have been living under a rock and probably won't even be reading this blog...

Companies are bombarding me on a daily basis with offers, emails, tweets etc craving a relationship with me... driving me to a purchasing landing page or an online offer to download. And yes, I did once purchase something from them on impulse but no I do not want a free Subway every single day...

Being passionate about digital marketing I am fully aware of these tactics and I have to admit that sometimes I do fall for them. B2C marketing enables a company to build a relationship with a customer, getting to know what they search for, what they like, demographics etc and fully target customers based on their data catching. And don't get me wrong, this can be brilliant. I certainly enjoy feeling like a valued customer, and that I have built up a relationship with the company. I can rely on them, trust them and tweet them with my problems.

The majority of my experiences in working etc have been B2B, which is something that isn't really a focus at university, so I have had to learn digital for B2B via experience and additional reading. Building relationships on a B2B basis is not as easy, it's hard to reach out from one company to another, especially when it comes to targeting the purchase decision maker - not just another marketing department.

In the small time I have been working, both on my placement and now, I have seen some companies on twitter who have got it oh so wrong.... Clearly their twitter is just the marketing department who do not understand the wants or needs of the customer (not that I am proclaiming to be the font of all knowledge!)

So the way I see it when it comes to B2B digital relationships is to give it all a whirl... Find out what the best way to interact with your customers is, either tweeting, blog comments and advice, the list could go on...

If anyone has any advice/thoughts/comments etc I would love to hear them! Either comment below or tweet me :)

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Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.


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