I'm curvy, and I like it...

Ello ello.

Gawddd, it's been far too long but I am back! A lot has happened recently and I have been a very busy bee, but I have now got a bit more time on my hands so back to blogging! I am now another year older and a hell of a lot wiser...

Now... first things first I am back to my old rant about retail pressure on female sizes. You must have heard or seen THAT tweet about the Topshop mannequin... no? Take a look here. Oh the power of social media :D

How on earth Topshop can get away with that baffles me...! I am a curvy lady, there is no hiding that, and I love it! I don't understand why those in retail cannot embrace that the average size in the UK is a 16! Marketing and advertising for this is as much to blame as well, using skinny models to act as "Role Models" and "inspiration"... 

COME ON PEOPLE embrace the curves!

Rant over :)

I'll be back again soon, so tune in next time folks!

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