Is social dying?

The more I think about this, the more my head hurts...! This is purely from my own opinion, so don't take it as gospel...

We live in a digital age, there is no denying that. But as more and more social sites pop up I am starting to think will social die as quickly as it was born?

I am in the generation that has experienced social bursting onto the scene, social stalking taking place, and the "selfie" entering the English dictionary. Big changes, all of which I love and am very passionate about. However, I've started talking to different people about this, reading different articles, scanning the web - and I am starting to think that it could all just stop.

Different social media sites seem to pop up all the time and be the "in" thing for everyone to be on and socialise with friends. In recent years we've gone from MySpace to Facebook, to Twitter, to snapchat, to goodness knows what else! Even I am starting to feel old...and I am only in my early 20s! I can't keep up with it all!

I recently saw an advert at the cinema... for Facebook! Wait, what? Facebook? Yes! Things cannot be going well for them if they are having to advertise joining surely? It doesn't make sense to me, but that's just my opinion!

Lets get social! Get tweeting or LinkedIn

Disclaimer: This blog reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer.


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