Take a picture for me...

I recently carried out a mini experiment for my personal intrigue on LinkedIn. I regularly post updates to my connections, however these are usually text only. So I gave posting a picture with a short caption a go...

The picture was this:

With the caption: Cracking bit of marketing here by cafĂ© Nero! Best thing I've seen on facebook for a while!

Low and behold... 25 likes just like that! The power of an image! So from now on I am planning on posting a lot more images to get my message out there to my connections!

On other social media platforms I have seen a similar trend, with pictures gaining more interaction with followers. And I admit I am the same, I see a picture and I'm like "ooo, what's that?!"

I would like to hear what everyone else thinks about the use of pictures on social media? Do you see more interaction from these compared to text?

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