What makes good customer service?

Recently I experience two really bad examples of customer service. I'm not going to name and shame, I think I made myself perfectly clear at the time! Example one: Don't leave me waiting for a starter for 30 mins then another 40mins for my main course... then offer me nothing, not even an apology! Example two: Don't talk to my Dad and ignore me when I am buy a new car... No, my dad is not paying, I am. NOT COOL GUYS.

This got me thinking what makes for good customer service?

To me, customer service is all about putting the customer first and going that extra mile... sounds all so clique but it's true! I know that a lot of young people get a bad reputation when it comes to providing good customer services, I've been in their shoes. However, I think most young people understand the value of customer service and expect to be treated well, therefore are willing to go the extra mile to provide the service they would expect.

I would love to hear any experiences anyone has had of poor/good customer service :) no need to name and shame...!

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