In a perfect world...

This is an issue which has been in the media recently - the link between social media and loneliness. Yes, I know, the two don't seem like they would go hand in hand...
Childline highlighted the issue amongst young people, but I definitely think it reaches out to an older generation as well.

So you have hundreds of followers and friends on social media - great! But in reality what are you actually communicating out to them? Social media makes us all portray the "perfect life" - beautiful pictures, designer clothes, the high-flying lifestyle. Goodness knows that I am 100% falling into this category. We are all caught up in the social media bubble, which can lead to people being lonely an not actually interacting with people, or being desperate to get comments, likes etc.

Come on guys, let's be honest here... I mean I am sat in my onesie, no make up on and my hair scraped back... and people still get a snapchat of me looking like that! Your real friends will love you no matter what and won't judge you based on your social media profiles...! Don't be lonely, be real!

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