Drop it like it's Squat...

If anyone knows me personally, you will know I like my running. Sure, I am not the fastest runner out there, but I love the freedom and fresh air, it's perfect for collecting my thoughts and for half an hour I am just thinking about myself or just enjoying my playlists booming into my ears.

ParkRun is brilliant. Every Saturday running around the park on a 5K route, hundreds of other runners around me yet I feel like I am in my own little bubble. I love it. The chilly winter mornings and the warm summer heat first thing. Best of all, it's all free! I cannot recommend it enough! Find your local one here.

I have also signed up for the Milton Keynes half marathon in May... which is crazy. Training is in progress, and I am pretty sure I might pass out half way through... Watch this space! I'm running the 13 miles for my personal achievement, not for charity, however...

... I am running Race for Life in June, along with a fabulous team of ladies from work. We are swapping our heels for trainers, and all running the 5K race, whilst uniting against Cancer. This is our chance to stick a middle finger up the dreadful disease which has affected so many loved ones. Fancy sponsoring us? Take a look here.

And... I've done this challenge of Squats. NO PAIN NO GAIN. I was honestly walking like I'd broken both my hips at one stage! Sexy.

So blah blah blah, big deal Helen... but, this all relates back to the This Girl Can campaign, run by the government to encourage more females to take up sports. To me, this is a great initiative - I for one am not afraid to get sweaty and red faced, all whilst burning a few calories. The adverts for this campaign are really inspiring, and I definitely agree that more women should join in and get active! Come on ladies!

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