Pooling your resources

Ive spent years building up my relationships and connections on social media, contacts from all walks of life. University, employment, connections from recommendations, friends of friends. And every one has their own skills, recommendations and opinions.

This is great. I'm sure you are all the same and have a fantastic set of connections too. So why do more people not pool their resources? If we've spent so much time and effort in building these relationships, why not utilise them?

Personally I use LinkedIn to ask questions when I need some additional help or I am looking for a recommendation for software or something like that. It's such a great tool and a brilliant social media platform full of professionals. More people should ask questions, ask for assistance with how to do something or what to use.

If we have a connection who has a skill we are missing why not ask them for advice or outsource? It's not a weakness, it's using your initiative! 

Talking of all these connections, why not connect with me? Check it out here

Disclaimer: this blog does not reflect the thoughts and options of my employers and is not affiliated with them. 


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