My goodness I am officially sunkissed and so very relaxed. Everyone needs a bit of vitamin-sea every once in a while. Lying in the sunshine, soaking up those rays, reading and enjoying time. Seriously when was the last time I wasn't having a constant battle with time?! Reading a whole book has been glorious!

This holiday has let me what quality time with my not-so-little sister, some time away from technology and time to really relax. Spending time with my family is so important to me, and it's lovely to have the opportunity to do so!

Anyway, two more things I cannot recommend these enough....

Majorca - Amazing place, weather was lush and just a great, friendly place to relax.
Baby Doll - this book is SO GOOD. It really is a must read.

The main point of this waffling on was to encourage you all to take some time for yourself. Treat yo'self! Sure, it doesn't have to be a holiday, just take an hour a week to spend time with those you love or time for yourself! My main aim going forward is to take half an hour to myself each day - running, reading, watching tv - whatever it might be to help us all unwind. So good for our mental and physical health!

So it's back to reality (thank you Eminem) and I will be back soon with more waffles.


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