The Detox

To start off with: I originally wrote this on paper... yup, paper. Old school.

A couple of weeks ago (Mon-Thurs) I've had a social media detox - well not on the work accounts and snapchats were still sent... but all my other personal accounts I didn't touch. WELL DONE ME! No tweets, no FB posts, no Insta love... And do you know what, I felt amazing for it! So Liberating! I was sick of seeing everyone getting engaged, announcing their pregnancy or traveling pictures! Anyone else ever tried the social detox? I have realised I need to post less... Facebook is only being kept for pictures and events (birthday reminders are essential!).

Does anyone actually remember life before social media? MSN, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook... It's never ending and there is so much pressure to be involved with everything that is going on. "Did you see that on Facebook...?" "Oh did you see that tweet...?" Maybe its more my generation, I'm not sure. There is a guy I know, who deleted it all... FB gone, phone is switched off after working hours. If anyone wants to contact him, they have to call his home phone. BRILLIANT. I love it, so old school and so in touch with real life. What a guy.

So please, share your stories. Let me know if you can do the detox too. I think I am going to start doing it on a regular basis, a couple of days or a week here and there away from it all. It's a great test of who your friends are as well, slightly concerned you havent been on Facebook... or they have to actually text or call you! Fabulous, Give it a go!

Lets get social! Get tweeting or LinkedIn

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