The Digital Age...

We live in a digital age, there's no doubt about that. I've grown up alongside the increasing use of technology and digital medias. Everything has been digitalised, even down to paying for items using your phone. MIND BLOWING!

But in a digital age there is something concerning.. something that many people in my generation and those younger than me won't be thinking about. So we all get old right? That's just a fact of life. But what happens when our memory starts to play up? Where are all the tangible memories our children can use to help us? What happens if we lose our memory? Sure, you can show me pictures, tweets and all sorts, but would that really help us?

Tangible memories are priceless. They mean something to you, and only you. Writing it down, buying a souvenir, anything. It's something that I really think poses as an issue for my generation. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE social media and all things digital, of course I do! But at the same time, I also love writing things down, making scrapbooks and getting creative offline. Hopefully one day I can share all my memories with my children, and if I ever need to be reminded of things, people will be able to show me more than an online image of something I once did...

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